Free Transit for Ottawa

Join us on October 23 at a public meeting to launch a campaign for Free and Accessible Public Transit in Ottawa. Read more

Take action against racism & Islamophobia

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Restore Door-to-Door & Expand Postal Services

Tell Ottawa-area MPs to stop the cuts, restore door-to-door mail delivery, and implement postal banking.

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Tell Trudeau to keep his promise on mail delivery

Trudeau promised to restore home mail delivery if elected. Then his government promised it would announce its plans for the future of home mail delivery in April, 2017. That deadline passed and now the government says this announcement will happen by the end of 2017, raising serious questions about whether it will happen at all. Take action now to demand the government fully restore door-to-door mail delivery and expand postal services, including implementing postal banking:


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Solidarity Against Hate

Thanks to Ottawa Against Fascism for organizing today’s anti-racism demo, to all the organizations and individuals who helped mobilize for it, and to everyone who showed up. It was great to see so many Solidarity Ottawa members and supporters there. We far outnumbered the racists who tried to spread their hate in Ottawa today. Let’s keep it that way. Read More

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