Canada Post and their Backhoe Stopped on Shillington

20151023_100644-300x169For the second time this year, Marymay Downing has successfully turned away Canada Post efforts to install a community mailbox in gardens at the entrance to her community.

On the morning of Friday, October 23, 2015, neighbours alerted Marymay to the arrival of a backhoe that was preparing to dig in gardens at the entrance to 1149 Shillington Ave., just west of the Experimental Farm in Ottawa.

Marymay has been working with supporters, including activists with the Coalition for an Accessible Public Postal Service (CAPPS) and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). She notified supporters and in a short time she was joined by friends, neighbours and community activists who have been inspired by her determination. CUPW supporters arrived in the campaign RV they have been using in a community to community journey to fight the cuts to door to door home delivery.

As supporters gathered, the construction crew notified Canada Post who sent officials to the site. Marymay and her supporters refused to move and explained that there would be no installation at this site. In fact, Canada Post was challenged as to why they would continue with any further installation given that the newly elected Liberal Government campaigned for an immediate moratorium on installations until a full review could be completed.

Turning away the backhoe was only the beginning of the day. 1149 Shillington Ave., is in the ward of city councillor Riley Brockington and Marymay, together with other residents in River Ward, were already scheduled to meet with the councillor later that day.
The meeting at 2pm took place right in front of the small hole the backhoe had started earlier in the day. Councillor Brockington is aware of the efforts to stop the installation of a CMB at this location. In July, when the backhoe was turned back for the first time, he has alerted and committed to work with Canada Post to find a new location. Clearly this was not successful.

Residents told him it is time for a new strategy. It’s time for the City of Ottawa to take a position that has been adopted by hundreds of municipalities across the country. It
’s time for the City of Ottawa to call on Canada Post and the Government of Canada to stop the elimination of door to door home mail delivery. It’s time for the City of Ottawa to call on the new Liberal government to honour their promise.

Marymay-and-Riley-300x255Councillor Brockington agrees and has committed to bringing this message forward at city council in the coming days.

CAPPS has been working with other Ottawa city councillors and will be actively following these developments as we continue our push to Save Canada Post.

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