Campaigns & Organizing


Solidarity Ottawa (formerly Solidarity Against Austerity) has been campaigning against neoliberalism, attacks on public services and workers’ rights, and other forms of injustice since forming in 2012.

Solidarity Ottawa campaigns:

  • to defend workers’ rights, challenge inequality, and in support of the Fight for $15 & Fairness.
  • against racism, in solidarity with Indigenous struggles, and for eco-justice.
  • for free and accessible public transit.
  • to save door-to-door mail delivery in Ottawa and expand service by supporting the call for public postal banking.

Solidarity Ottawa has organized in solidarity with:

  • the movements for Black lives and against Islamophobia
  • in solidarity with Ottawa/Gatineau workers in the federal public service. Solidarity Ottawa’s first action on May Day 2012 brought 2,000 people into the streets to stop the cuts.
  • locked out postal workers, Ikea workers, Mugshots Bar workers at the Ottawa Jail Hostel and Ottawa taxi drivers.
  • striking workers at Porter Airlines, Crown Metal Packaging, the Brampton and Hamilton Coca-cola plants, and the International Union of Elevators Constructors Local 96.
  • the Quebec student strike. In May 2012, SAA organized one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in Ottawa/Gatineau history with a march of 1,200 people across the bridge from Ottawa to Hull in defiance of the so-called “special law” during the Quebec student strike that banned protests of more than 50 people.