Solidarity Against Colonialism

Solidarity with the Bawating Water Protectors #Reoccupation of Parliament Hill & Unsettling Canada 150

Solidarity Ottawa applauds the courage and leadership of the Indigenous youth-led Reoccupation of Parliament Hill, which began Wednesday night. We also denounce the police aggression and arrests that the Bawating Water Protectors and allies were faced with. The Liberal government claims it supports Truth and Reconciliation, but when Indigenous peoples assert their rights it’s colonialism as usual. Read More

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Stop Bill C- 51 – Rally & March

Unite For our Rights – May 30th

March will begin from the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights, Elgin Street, just north of Lisgar St in downtown Ottawa.

2:00- Opening Ceremony
2:30- MARCH
3:15- RALLY at Parliament Hill
4:30- Final remarks

All out to protest this police state bill! The new legislation is:

Reckless: It turns CSIS into a ‘secret police’ force with little oversight or accountability
Dangerous: It opens the door for violations of our Charter Rights including censorship of free expression online
Ineffective: It will lead to dragnet surveillance and information sharing on innocent Canadians that even Stephen Harper has admitted is ineffective

C-51 disproportionately targets Indigenous communities, environmental activists, dissidents, and Muslims, many of whom are already subjected to questionable and overreaching powers by security officials. This bill will make it easier and ostensibly lawful for government to continue infringing upon the rights of peaceful people.


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