Solidarity with the Quebec student strike against austerity

Make some noise in Ottawa and across Canada!

5:30pm, Thursday, April 2
Dundonald Park (at Somerset & MacLaren)
Bring your pots and pans

quebec student

Thousands of students in Quebec are going on strike against austerity.

The strike is just in the first week, but already students are facing severe police repression, including mass arrests and in at least one instance a student was shot in the face with a tear gas canister at point blank range.

On April 2, as many as 200,000 students across Quebec may vote to join the strike. Their struggle is our struggle.

With the secret police bill C-51 racing through Parliament while public service cuts deepen from coast to coast to coast, the time for action against austerity and repression is now.

Solidarity with the Quebec student strike.
Solidarity Against Austerity.

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