Help build a world beyond capitalism


Solidarity Ottawa (formerly Solidarity Against Austerity) is a local, democratic, membership-based organization, founded on the belief that a world beyond capitalism is possible. You can help build such a world by becoming a member of Solidarity Ottawa today.

To complete your Solidarity Ottawa membership application, print and mail this membership application form, confirmation that you have read and agree to work within the Solidarity Ottawa Basis of Unity, along with your payment information (cheques should be made payable to “Solidarity Against Austerity”) to:

Solidarity Ottawa
c/o Unifor Local 567
25One Community, 251 Bank Street, 5th floor
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1X3

Membership dues can also be paid in person at Solidarity Ottawa meetings or events. Solidarity Ottawa members participate regularly in the organization, in addition to paying membership dues to remain a member in good standing. Anyone who contributes to the organization, including financially, but is unable to participate is considered a supporter.