Join the discussion to explore organizing MayWorks in Ottawa in 2018

MayWorks can be broadly defined as a festival of working class culture that is rooted in an understanding that workers share a common struggle as a class against capitalism, and the arts are an important means of advancing this struggle.

There have been many activities and initiatives over the past 5 years to mark May Day in Ottawa by several diverse groups in the city. Initiatives have included marches, educationals, public panel discussions, music performances, and more. We want to take the best elements of the past 5 years, and build on them, by adding an emphasis on “working class struggle and the arts”.

The idea for initiating a MayWorks in Ottawa in 2018 would be to create an open space for communities in struggle including Indigenous, racialized, precarious, and marginalized communities in Ottawa. We want to do so while also creating an “umbrella” for May Day activities that supports a unified initiative to mark May Day but recognizes and respects political diversity and the need for independence.

If you are part of an organization interested in recognizing May Day, and which shares a basic anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, anti-imperialist orientation, contact us for more information or to get involved.

About May Day

May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, takes place every year on May 1st. May Day is a time to commemorate and amplify the struggles of workers across the world who have fought and continue to fight for fairer wages, better working conditions, and equal economic opportunities.

mayday working

Solidarity Ottawa’s May Day Working Group meeting to plan the 2015 May Day march.

Solidarity Ottawa (formerly Solidarity Against Austerity) has led and supported May Day organizing in Ottawa/Gatineau since 2012. May Day events and protests bring together a broad range of groups to challenge government austerity, environmental destruction, and other damaging consequences of corporate greed and predatory capitalism faced by millions of people each day.

Solidarity Ottawa takes to the streets on May Day each year to oppose deepening inequality and the erosion of public services and workers’ rights. These problems are the result of the politics of austerity and the prioritization of capital over human needs and the environment.

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