About May Day

May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, takes place every year on May 1st. May Day is a commemoration and active civic engagement to commemorate and amplify the struggles of workers across the world who have fought and continue to fight for fairer wages, better working conditions, and equal economic opportunities.

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SAA’s May Day Working Group meeting to plan the 2015 May Day march.

Solidarity Ottawa (formerly Solidarity Against Austerity) has been organizing an annual protest in Ottawa/Gatineau on May Day since 2012, to bring together a broad range of groups to challenge government austerity, environmental destruction, and other damaging consequences of corporate greed and predatory capitalism faced by millions of people each day. Solidarity Ottawa takes to the streets on May Day each year to oppose deepening inequality and the erosion of public services and workers’ rights. These problems are the result of the politics of austerity and the prioritization of capital over human needs and the environment.

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