Free Transit for Ottawa

Join us on October 23 at a public meeting to launch a campaign for Free and Accessible Public Transit in Ottawa. Read more

Take action against racism & Islamophobia

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Restore Door-to-Door & Expand Postal Services

Tell Ottawa-area MPs to stop the cuts, restore door-to-door mail delivery, and implement postal banking.

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In Solidarity with #IdleNoMore

Solidarity Against Austerity is a network of community, student, labour, peace, environmental, and anti-poverty activists, which is organizing to stop the austerity agenda of cuts to our public services and attacks on workers’ rights. We have taken to the streets with federal public service workers, with the Quebec student movement, and with Ontario educators. And we will be taking to the streets in solidarity with #IdleNoMore and Chief Theresa Spence, who is now on the 10th day of her hunger strike. Read More

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