Free Transit for Ottawa

Join us on October 23 at a public meeting to launch a campaign for Free and Accessible Public Transit in Ottawa. Read more

Take action against racism & Islamophobia

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Restore Door-to-Door & Expand Postal Services

Tell Ottawa-area MPs to stop the cuts, restore door-to-door mail delivery, and implement postal banking.

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Fight for $15 and Fairness – Ottawa

Solidarity Ottawa is part of the Fight for $15 and Fairness Campaign and organizes to support it through our Workers Action Group.

Raising the floor on wages and working conditions improves the lives of all workers. In Ontario, the government is reviewing our out-dated labour laws. Now is our chance to push back against low-wage and precarious jobs. Download the flyer here and share it with your colleagues, neighbours, family and friends. Read More

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Day of Action reminds Canada that diversity is strength

On Saturday, Feb. 4, a crowd of 300 people gathered at the Human Rights Monument on Laurier Avenue to show their solidarity against Islamophobia. Organized by Solidarity Ottawa, the Pan-Canadian day of action against Islamophobia was held in condemnation of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, and in response to the Quebec mosque shooting that took place on Jan. 29. “We are here to tell the Prime Minister that tweets are not enough, and it is the time for action,” said [Solidarity Ottawa organizer Dylan Penner]. Read more.

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