November 24, 2017

Solidarity Ottawa is an Ottawa-based organization founded on the belief that a world beyond capitalism is possible. While we primarily work locally, our basis of unity affirms our commitment to “opposing all forms of oppression locally and globally”. In this spirit, we have followed the recent events in Spain, and the severe repression of the Catalan people by the central Spanish state, with profound concern.

  1. We condemn the Madrid government’s efforts to block the democratic right of Catalans to vote on their constitutional future in the October 1st referendum as an expression of their right to national self-determination.
  2. We express our solidarity with the Catalan resistance to the Madrid government’s usurpation of the autonomy of the people of Catalonia as guaranteed in article 2 of the Spanish Constitution.
  3. We support the demands issued by the democratic and pro-sovereignty forces in Catalonia for: rejection of the Spanish state’s draconian article 155 intervention; the recovery of Catalan institutions; the immediate release of all Catalan political prisoners; the dropping of the charges of “rebellion” and “sedition” against the elected parliamentary officials and leaders of the mass pro-independence organizations who have been jailed in recent weeks; and the withdrawal of the 12,000 Civil Guards and Spanish National Police.
  4. We express our support for the Catalan parliament’s recent decision to establish a constituent assembly process, in the hope that through a participatory popular process a new form of governance can be established that will offer a democratic alternative to the regime of capitalist austerity imposed by the Madrid government.
  5. We condemn the return to Spain’s political stage of the forces of the far right that controlled and supported the brutal Franco dictatorship.
  6. We are following closely initiatives taken in Quebec to organize a public defense of Catalonia’s right to self-determination, and urge supporters of democracy throughout Canada to seek ways to join solidarity efforts.
  7. We call on the Government of Canada to publicly denounce the Spanish government’s repression, and to insist that the fundamental democratic right of the Catalan people to determine their own political and constitutional future be respected.

As our organization is based in Ottawa, Canada – on land that is unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory – we know very well why the Government of Canada remains silent in the face of the Spanish government’s repression:  it has its own history of repression against the democratic rights of Indigenous peoples as well as the Québécois. We reject this shameful history as part and parcel of a system of government designed by economic elites intent on maintaining social control at all costs.