Free transit is the future.

Over 100 cities around the world have adopted various forms of free public transit. Several cities in Canada have partially free transit – such as for students or seniors. Ottawa could be the first city in Canada with a fully free and accessible public transit system. Join our campaign to help make it happen.

We need to being pursuing new ways of imagining our lives, and our connections to our cities and the people around us. This means abandoning cars as our main source of transportation. The driving and production of cars are major contributors to CO2 emissions, and this can’t change unless our cities are designed to treat transit as a public utility for all.

We want to explore what accessible means to different groups. We want to fight for more municipal control over funding, so Ottawa could have the means to adjust taxes and fund this initiative. Calgary and Winnipeg already offer portions of their transit system completely free to the public. If we want to be leaders in transportation, climate justice, and equality, we need to be creative in our pursuit of a better system.

Solidarity Ottawa’s Eco-Justice Committee is a group of people who share a common goal of a more equitable, sustainable future for all. Climate change is disproportionately impacting the poor, vulnerable and marginalised people of the world. We think that environmental issues must be considered at the forefront of these questions and goals, since environmental degradation threatens the dignity of all. Contact us to get involved.